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WINE INDUSTRY ADVISOR – Demystifying Oenodia STARS® Technology

Insight into an Innovative & Sustainable Winemaking Solution As the temperatures in many winemaking regions continue to rise, both the wine’s pH and the increase in potassium levels are presenting more of a challenge for winemakers, particularly those for which consistent, high-quality sensory profiles and color are critical. Many winemakers have found the solution with […]

WINE INDUSTRY ADVISOR OENODIA Helps Winemakers Battle the Impact of Climate Change on Wine Acidity with STARS®pH

In response to the steady increase in heat from climate change and the corresponding decline in wine acidity, Oenodia is now bringing its STARS®pH technology to the US. As temperatures continue to rise in California and beyond, the acidification of wine will become a significant challenge to winemakers, particularly those making the top-shelf, premium wines for which consistent, high-quality […]

“OENODIA announces Damien Monnet as new Sales Manager for North America.”

OENODIA is pleased to announce the appointment of Damien Monnet Ph.D. as their new Sales Manager responsible for Business Development in North America.   June 21, 2020.  Napa, CA.  Damien, Sales Manager, will be responsible for expanding the business for both the stationery units and the STARS Mobile Service. Prior to taking up this position, Damien […]

“STARSXF® offers unparalleled efficiency – three days of plate and frame filtering and a month of cold stability was accomplished in 5 hours!”

This, according to Jason McConnell, Owner and Winemaker at RIVINO Winery, following his first time utilizing STARS MOBILE SERVICE and their STARSXF® process which streamlines wine stabilization with crossflow filtration in a single pass.  April 7, 2020.  Napa, CA.  OENODIA North America’s STARSXF®  is part of the STARS Line of technologies, pairing their specific crossflow […]

OENODIA announces Braden Harding as STARS Line Technician for North America.

January 16, 2020, Napa CA — OENODIA North America is pleased to announce the appointment of Braden Harding as their new STARS Line Technician. Braden will be employed as a technician, responsible for operating Oenodia’s STARS Mobile Service units and will assist with maintenance of STARS units installed at wineries throughout North America. “I am […]

OENODIA announces Simon Forrester as new Project Engineer and Technical Support Manager for North America.

May 22, 2019, Napa CA — OENODIA North America is pleased to announce the appointment of Simon Forrester as their new Project Engineer and Technical Support Manager. Simon will be responsible for overseeing all technical and engineering requisites for new installations as well as the ongoing delivery of excellence in technical support and services to […]

WINE INDUSTRY ADVISOR – OENODIA Introduces the Newest Evolution in Their STARS Line – STARS XF – A Crossflow/STARS Combination

OENODIA (Booth 2506) will be featuring information on their new STARS XF system as well as their unique STARS (Selective Tartrate Removal System) process for TARTRATE STABILIZATION and pH ADJUSTMENT.  Visiting experts from their corporate headquarters in France will be on hand to answer any questions. Oenodia, one of the world’s leading specialists in membrane-based treatments for […]