WINE INDUSTRY ADVISOR OENODIA Helps Winemakers Battle the Impact of Climate Change on Wine Acidity with STARS®pH

In response to the steady increase in heat from climate change and the corresponding decline in wine acidity, Oenodia is now bringing its STARS®pH technology to the US. As temperatures continue to rise in California and beyond, the acidification of wine will become a significant challenge to winemakers, particularly those making the top-shelf, premium wines for which consistent, high-quality sensory profiles and colors are critical.  

October 6, 2020.  Wine Industry Advisor, Wine Industry Network.  The proprietary Oenodia STARS® technology is well known for its groundbreaking use of electrodialysis to extract potassium, calcium and tartrates from wine before bottling. The controlled and measured process gives winemakers around the world confidence that their wine will retain its high quality while shipping, sitting on retail shelves or resting in consumers’ wine cellars. The company provides a 100% guarantee for stability for wine worth $6-7 Billion each year.

Oenodia, a division of the French Company, Eurodia, expanded its innovative technology to manage the pH of wines with STARS®pH. Winemakers in very warm climates have been using this additive-free technology for the past ten years to counteract the impact of heat on potassium and, thus, acidity.

In Europe, mobile service company GEMSTAB France has 15 units operating utilizing STARS® and STARS®pH. The company’s owner, Eric Lecoeuvre, says about STARS®pH., “In Bordeaux, the BiPolar technology can represent up to 25% of our business. Most of our customers choose it because, from the winemaker’s point of view, the precision of the treatment and the stability of the pH through time is unparalleled. In addition, they can avoid the sour taste from acidifying with tartaric acid and are additive-free!”

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