“OENODIA announces Damien Monnet as new Sales Manager for North America.”

OENODIA is pleased to announce the appointment of Damien Monnet Ph.D. as their new Sales Manager responsible for Business Development in North America.  

June 21, 2020.  Napa, CA.  Damien, Sales Manager, will be responsible for expanding the business for both the stationery units and the STARS Mobile Service.

Prior to taking up this position, Damien worked as a Business Unit Manager in the selection and the production of Arabic gums solutions specifically dedicated to the wine industry and comes with over 10 years of wine industry experience under his belt.  Although, his education began in polysaccharides chemistry, he developed a love for the wine and the process of winemaking after completing his Ph.D. in Chemistry, in Reims, France, in the heart of the Champagne vineyard.

“I am delighted to be a part of the Oenodia North America team,” said Damien “I have been a big fan of Electrodialysis as a technology since my days of being an R&D and Products Manager for tartaric stabilization solutions in Epernay, France, when it first came to my attention. I am looking forward to conveying, demonstrating and promoting the benefits of this unique technology to those wineries that have not yet heard about us”

Oenodia North America offers a line of cutting-edge equipment for the Tartrate Stabilization, Filtration and pH Management of wines through its exclusive STARS line offer. By providing efficient, cost effective and sustainable solutions, Oenodia is recognized as one of the world’s leading process solution suppliers dedicated to the wine industry.

You can contact Damien at damien.monnet@oenodia.com or call 707-302-4554.  For more information on STARS visit us online at www.oenodia.us